What is Airsoft?

The airsofters are so familiar with their passion that they sometimes forget a little detail: everyone does not necessarily know the principle of airsoft!

To put it bluntly, airsoft is a team-based shooter that can potentially include a “role-play” dimension, taking place outdoors or indoors. It is played more specifically with replicas whose power is regulated. The rules and objectives can vary greatly from one part to another: scripted part, field capture, VIP protection.

Is Airsoft open to everyone?

Open to all sexes, airsoft can also boast of bringing together people from very varied socio-professional categories. Lawyer, surface technician, storekeeper, secretary, teacher. Once in the field, all the differences fade away to leave room for usability!

On the other hand, the regulations stipulate that it is forbidden to sell or distribute a replica to a minor. Therefore, the airsoft is strictly reserved for adults.

Is there a permission to own a replica?

Apart from the fact that it is necessary to be of age, as mentioned above, the sale of replicas is completely free. Indeed, airsoft replicas are not classified among the categories of weapons, which does not require any authorization.

However, if the sale and the possession of replicas do not pose a particular problem, it is different from their transport! Thus, it is important to carry his replicas in a cover or a suitable bag. The goal is mainly not to alarm passersby who could confuse them with real weapons. Moreover, in case of control by the police, it is necessary to immediately report the presence of a replica in the vehicle!

What airsoft accessories can you buy?

It will certainly not have escaped you that there is a very impressive number of airsoft replicas and equipment (protections, camouflage, accessories) available on the market (we invite you to take a look at our online store for you. report for yourself!). The question is to know to which references it is better to orient oneself when one starts.

The choice of a replica and the equipment is mainly related to the player’s style of play and the game environment. For example, for parties that take place in buildings or on small lots, it is advisable to opt for a replica of short assault or a replica of fist. Indeed, the two types of replicas have the advantage of remaining perfectly manageable even in the smallest places.

Can we hurt ourselves in Airsoft?

The airsoft is obviously not a discipline free from all danger. However, to be reassured, there are a number of safety rules that limit the risk of injury.

First of all, it is important to know that each type of replica is subject, in most parts, to a regulatory safety distance. In general, with a sniper rifle, one can shoot from 15 m distance; with an AEG replica at 10 m; and with a shotgun or a GBB replica, at 5 m. However, we specify that these rules are not fixed and each party organizer can adapt them as he wishes. In addition, the power of the replicas used in the context of the airsoft is limited to 2 joules.

Another fundamental point that limits the risks: protective equipment. Some of them are mandatory such as goggles or face masks; others are strongly recommended as high shoes and adapted outfits; while other protections are optional, such as tactical vests to carry his equipment, elbow pads or knee pads.

Finally, it is also more than advisable to entrust a first aid kit to a member of the team to quickly treat the abrasions and other small sores that can still occur!

Practice the Airsoft, it’s expensive?

While there are of course replicas and inexpensive equipment for the common players, we still find plenty to equip with less cost. For example, some airsoft packs including a replica, its battery and charger cost between £100 and £150.

With a pair of goggles (mandatory!) And an extra bead package, it is possible to get away for less than £200. Reasonable enough, no?

Where and how to play Airsoft?

If you want to try airsoft with real enthusiasts, which is the best way to progress quickly, it is first of all to find an association. There are usually several by department, so you should have no trouble finding one near you.

Moreover, you should know that airsoft parts are held on land or in secure buildings and specially reserved for the occasion. Contrary to popular beliefs conveyed in the media, airsoft is not practiced “in the wild”; which, in passing, would be the best way to see the police or gendarmerie land in a matter of minutes!

How do we know when someone is touched?

One of the cardinal values of airsoft is the notion of fair play. Why is this principle, which is also highlighted in many sporting disciplines, so important in the case of airsoft? The reason is simple: during a game of airsoft, any player who is touched by a ball must report it by shouting “Out! “. Without respect for this fundamental rule, it would be impossible to ensure the smooth running of the parties.

Moreover, players who think they are highlander grass and do not report when they are affected are usually quickly identified and put on the side. So you know what to do with it!