What is a Multi-Fuel Stove and Why Should I Buy One?

Multi-fuel stoves are designed to burn a wide range of materials. Like the traditional wood burner, these stoves can also burn logs but in additional they can burn a combination of other fuels including coal, peat, anthracite and other smokeless fuels. In order to burn this variety of fuel in an efficient manner, the multi-fuel stoves such as the Carron Stoves brand, commonly have a centrally based grate that the fire burns on and a removable ash pan.

As technology improves a common feature of the newer designs are that the grates are raised with movable bars with the ash pan hidden under the grate to enable the safe collection and removal of the ashes generated by the burning of the materials. These advances make the removal of the ash much easier and faster and have also introduced such features such as a primary air outlet underneath the grate helping to lead to more efficient combustion.

If you choose to heat your home with a stove as opposed to gas, oil or electricity you could save both energy and money. With the price of all three heating methods just mentioned constantly rising, the fuels needed for these stoves are considerably cheaper. Multi-fuel stoves are also much more efficient than open fires – rather than using lots of oxygen as with the wood burners, they have been proved to generate three times as much heat. And finally they are also eco-friendly as they reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.