What Are Hair Inhibitors?

For those who hate the sight of hair, one of the best methods for keeping them at bay is hair inhibitors. Contrary to popular belief, hair inhibitors do no prevent the growth womens hair removal (33)of hair. If that was true, no one would need to wax, shave or do laser hair removal treatments ever again. Hair inhibitors are products such as sprays or topical creams that hinders the growth cycle of hair. Therefore, if you are considering trying out hair inhibitors, you should always bear in mind that using it doesn’t mean that the hair you want to remove will permanently disappear.With that being said, hair inhibitors are primarily designed to reduce the overall growth rate as well as the thickness of hair.

How Do Hair Inhibitors Work?

Using the hair inhibitors solely on its own will not produce any noticeable reduction of body hair. In fact, hair inhibitors work best when used along with other hair removal treatments. If, for example, you are considering using laser hair removal treatment, using a hair inhibitor such a Kalo hair inhibitor will improve the results greatly. The reason for this is because hair inhibitors’ goal is to hinder hair growth in the first stage and not destroy existing hair. Waxing and laser hair removal results can be optimised by hair inhibitors, as they weaken new hair at first sign of growth.

How to Use Hair Inhibitors?

A number of hair inhibitors require constant application before you see any noticeable results. Therefore, some amount of patience is required with the use of these products. You should also read the instructions before application, as some hair inhibitors are manufactured specifically for facial hair. Others are designed primarily for use on body hair. Before carrying out the treatment, ensure that the hair inhibitor that you purchase is designed for the area of the body that you are targeting.