Poly Lumber Outdoor Furniture – Deciding if Recycled Patio Furniture is the Right Choice


Outdoor furniture manufactured from recycled plastic is appearing in backyards everywhere and homeowners are replacing their lovely cheap rattan garden sofas with the less attractive plastic option. Here are some of the reasons.

New lines of outdoor furniture popping up in lawn and garden centers or even fine furniture stores are made of recycled milk jugs and yet create an attractive setting on the back patio. Poly lumber furniture is becoming not only a green choice for the backyard, but also a very practical and even stylish choice.

Recycled Outdoor Furniture for a Green Home

For many people, the most important reason to buy furniture built from poly lumber is that it is an earth-friendly alternative to wood. Poly lumber is manufactured from recycled plastics such as milk jugs, and besides reducing consumption of the world’s forests, this product sends nothing to the landfill. Manufacturing wastes and even the end product itself can be recycled.
Durability and Low Maintenance of Poly Lumber

Furniture built from high-quality poly lumber is extremely durable. Its density makes it immune to all of the factors that can ruin wood furniture. It resists mold and bacteria and insects. It will not absorb water and thus will not rot, split, or stain.

Poly furniture withstands all types of extreme weather. An outdoor dining set can be left on the patio all winter with no protective covering. UV inhibitors mixed with the recycled plastic reduce fading, and even salt water has no effect on this furniture. Because of its resistance to weather, owners will never need to paint or stain, and soap and water is usually all that is required to clean off dust and dirt.

Some prospective buyers may be concerned about “plastic” furniture blowing away. Poly furniture is built from a manufactured lumber that is solid throughout and equivalent to the weight of wood. Unless a wind storm is strong enough to blow away wood furniture, the poly furniture will also stay on the deck.

Style and Comfort in Recycled Patio Furniture

The first generation of recycled plastic lawn furniture was limited in color, style, and comfort. Now, with demand high for eco-friendly products, manufacturers have developed a wide selection of colors and styles. The cheerful colors of beach and summer–yellow, orange, red, and bright blue–have joined the browns, greens, and whites. Styles range from the traditional Adirondack to sleek contemporary.

Outdoor furniture lines are being designed for greater comfort. Sam Yoder is the owner of Berlin Gardens, a company that manufactures poly furniture in the heart of Amish Country. Berlin Gardens develops its own lines of both wood and poly lawn furniture, and Mr. Yoder has found that comfortable designs are more easily implemented in poly lumber than in wood.

Who Will Not Choose Poly Lumber Outdoor Furniture?

Because poly lumber furniture is almost indestructible, some customers may see this as a negative factor; after all, once they have purchased a set of patio furniture, they will be living with that choice for years to come. To change colors or style will require recycling (whether by resale or sending to the recycling center) and purchasing an entirely new set. Furniture cannot simply be repainted each season for a new look in the backyard.

Some customers may want the more traditional look and feel of wood. While the poly lumber (especially that of the best quality) has a wood grain appearance, it still is obviously not wood. The leap from wood to plastic might be too wide a gap for some traditionalists to jump.

Although a customer might prefer to buy poly lumber furniture, price might prohibit that choice. Most quality lines of this outdoor furniture are priced considerably higher than wood, aluminum, or steel furniture. Some exotic woods are comparable in pricing, but making the earth-friendly choice of poly will usually be at a higher cost.

Who Will Choose Poly Lumber Furniture?

Consumers who want to be environmentally responsible will find this poly furniture extremely earth-friendly. Homeowners who are looking for long-lasting and low-maintenance backyards will also take a good look at this furniture. In both groups, the price tag might make the final decision.