How to Frame a Steel Door

Framing a steel door is easy if you are somewhat handy, according to this security doors UK company.

Installing a steel door instantly makes your home safer by preventing intruders from entering your home and reducing the risk of fire damage. Before installing the steel door you must first remove the existing door and door frame, and then frame the steel door. The easiest method for framing a steel door is to buy the door and the frame together in a package so that both pieces are compatible.

Things You’ll Need

Steel door and frame kit
Metal studs
1 1/2-inch screws


1. Insert a pry bar between the wall and the molding around the door and pull the molding away from the wall. Continue this process around the perimeter of the door frame until you have removed all of the molding around the existing door.
2. Place a small drill bit on the head of the hinge-pins and tap the end of the drill bit with a hammer to push the pins out of the hinge and remove the door. Remove the screws from the hinges with an electric screw gun and take the hinges off the doorjamb.
3. Pry loose the studs on either side of the door frame and remove them. Place metal studs in place of the wood studs and screw them directly into the existing wall frame with 1 1/2-inch screws.
4.  Insert the door in the door opening and then angle it up so that it fits into the frame.
Place shims, which are thin sheets of shingles, beneath the door so you can easily
move the door into the door frame.
5.  Screw the side of the frame where the lock is located into the metal stud. Screw the screw halfway into the metal stud. Repeat this process on the other side of the frame.Use the shims to make sure that the frame is level, and then tighten the screws completely on both sides.