Best Diet for Those Suffering From Arthritis

Once one develops arthritis problems as you grow old, a change in diet may reverse crippling symptoms and relieve pain completely over time.

The body is a marvelous creation that can heal itself from most diseases if given the right conditions. In all disease states, a change in internal body pH toward alkaline can help the body to achieve this healing process at a faster rate. Alkaline foods such as raw green vegetables help the body to maintain an alkaline pH. All individuals have a naturally functioning buffering system, the body will fight to maintain a certain pH at all times.

However, if one maintains a highly acidic diet, over time the body starts to hide these acidic deposits in the joints creating painful arthritic deposits. This can be reversed over time by maintaining an alkaline diet and reversing the process. A highly alkaline diet will have to be balanced just as much as a highly acidic diet. Feeding the body a highly alkaline diet will pull these acidic deposits from hidden sources inside the body and reverse most arthritic conditions.

This process does not happen overnight and may take time to reverse. Just as it didn’t take a day to build up these crippling deposits, it will take time to diminish them. However, the pain relief is almost immediate from the diet change and is usually enough encouragement to continue on this path.

Best Diet for Pain Relief From Arthritis

The best diet to begin is vegetarian concentrating on fresh fruit and vegetables. The more vegetables you eat in any one day, the better the results. The more raw vegetables you choose in any one day the better the results. This diet will produce a higher alkaline pH and pain relief from the initial symptoms will come quickly for most new onset arthritis sufferers. Long standing chronic sufferers may take a little longer to achieve results.

The best vegetables are those which contain chlorophyll and are deep green in color. Romaine lettuce, kale, collard greens and spinach are all great greens for arthritis sufferers. Eating a large salad with many greens is imperative for continued healing when using nutrition as your medicine.

Purchase a Juicer for Fast and Complete Healing Results From Arthritis

The best method to heal the body of arthritis is to purchase a juicer and juice daily. The best juice formula is kale, celery, lettuce, lemons and apples. It tastes good and is easy to get down on a daily basis. It has all the nutrients needed for healing arthritis and loads of calcium to keep the body alkaline. It is a good formula to give one loads of energy for living.

Those who have arthritis should do simple walking and yoga to help the body heal. This formula will aid the body in achieving energy for exercise and an alkaline result. A heavy duty juicer will be needed to grind up all those greens and get the nutrients from the plant cells. Invest in a good juicer the first time around so that juicing becomes a lifetime habit. Former arthritis sufferers who have gone this route and maintain it for a lifetime never suffer from the pain and discomfort of this crippling disease again.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should contact a doctor for advice.